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Jacobs Journal of Addiction and Therapy is a broad based Open Access journal encompassing all aspects of clinical research which is related to the addiction therapy. The journal publishes all the latest and outstanding research articles, letters and reviews in all aspects of clinical relevance related to the prevention and treatment of unhealthy alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use across the spectrum of clinical settings. Addiction Therapy and Clinical Research is committed to publishing and diffusing information in the areas of addiction therapy, including clinical medicine, clinical events, as well as the related field.

Our Journal is a peer reviewed international journal which publishes original research and review papers on all aspects of the dissimilar types of clinical reports. It publishes papers depending on the past and present day clinical phenomenon.


  • Drug use and abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Smoking and nicotine addiction
  • Addictive substances
  • Medical treatment and screening
  • Psychiatry and mental health services
  • Evaluation of substance abuse
  • Child & Adolescent Substance Abuse
  • Clinical and counseling psychology
  • Signs and symptoms of drug abuse
  • Rehabilitation
  • Addiction in pregnancy
  • Drug-exposed neonate
  • Pharmacology
  • Neuroimaging techniques
  • Treatment of addiction-related disorders
  • Pathophysiology of addiction
  • Biological and non-biological therapies
  • Epidemiology of drug abuse


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