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September 2015

Volume 1  Issue 2

Original Article

Trends in the Prevalence of HIV-Seropositivity in Pregnant Women Initiating Antenatal Care in South-South, Nigeria

Hannah E. Omunakwe*, Caroline Iyalla, Dorothy A. Okoh

HIV still remains a pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa, and people of low socio-economic status are more affected by the disease. Nigeria has the largest burden in the West African sub-region with about 2.98 million people living with HIV. Women are most commonly affected by HIV infection and in pregnancy it is associated with complications affecting the mother and the fetus.

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Research Article

Lay Perspectives How HIV/AIDS Prevention Programmes Influenced Selected Urban and Rural South Africans

Hendra van Zyl*, Deborah McGill

South Africa faces a critical public health problem with 6.3 million people living with HIV/AIDS, notwithstanding implementation of the latest biomedical technologies. Worldwide, prevention programmes contributed to reduce HIV incidence. The UNAIDS urged countries to scale-up these programmes. However, South Africa has not experienced predicted reduced HIV incidence.

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