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August 2015

Volume 2 Issue 2


Research Article 

Gene Expression and Molecular Architecture Reveals UDP-Glucose: Flavonoid-3- O-Glucosyltransferase UFGT as a Controller of Anthocyanin Production in Grapes

Phillip Corbiere, Anthony Ananga*, Joel W. Ochieng, Ernst Cebert, Violeta Tsolova

Anthocyanin pigments from the flavonoid biosynthesis pathway in grapes (Vitis sp.) are gaining increasing popularity in the wine industry as a mark for quality, preventive medicine in the natural products sector, food colorants and raw materials for cosmetics. Grape skins, the primary source of these pigments cannot meet increasing market demand, therefore, this study was undertaken to explore in-vitro cell culture of grape as a mean to redirect and control the expression of genes in the anthocyanin biosynthetic pathway.

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Research Article 

MRET Wave Rider Technology

Igor Smirnov*, Ph.D. and M.S.

This article is related to the experimental data revealing the ability of Wave Rider (WR) device (MRET noise field generator) to mitigate unwanted biological effects of technologically originated electromagnetic radiation (EMR). A number of publications in the scientific literature have raised concern about the individual and public health impact of adverse non-ionizing radiation from EMR exposure emanating from certain electrical and wireless devices commonly found in the home, workplace, school and community.

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Research Article 

Intensive Care Unit Scoring Automation System and It’s Application

Uğurhan Kutbay PhD., Göktuğ Dulkan, Güler Merve Demir, Etem Köklükaya Prof. Dr., Yücel Balbay Assoc. Prof. Dr., , Fırat Hardalaç* Assoc. Prof. Dr.

In the last thirty years, numerous scoring system has been developed and widely used in intensive care practice. Scoring system for a single patient or group for the prognosis prediction, which evaluates the performance of the intensive care unit and this system is recommended for clinical trials by doctors. Scoring systems have also been created for often used to determine the seriousness of the general adult diseases.

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