About Jacobs

Jacobs Publishers international is a pioneer in scholarly peer-reviewed open access publication. It works to support the changeover worldwide during which open access becomes the key element of publication to get the scholarly outputs. The journal prefers for the rising horizons of scientific innovations and to focus predominantly on the developments in the research and in upgrading response to the research articles.

Jacobs is a global technical, scientific, and medical portfolio, which focus on the disciplines of Science, Engineering, Chemistry, Pharmacy and Medicine. It helps to provide the quality content for researchers in academic community, scientific institutions and corporate research departments through innovative information and services.

Copying of content is considered as Plagiarism which we strictly oppose. The content published in our peer-reviewed Journal is under creative, common attributive license. Our Journals consists of international expertise as Editorial Board for quality review process. A minimum of two independent reviewers and editors approval is needed for the acceptance of the citable manuscript.

Vision and Mission

We are committed to our mission of developing and diffusive publishing solutions that preserve the integrity of scholarship, advance open access, and promote best practice. We help to ensure a vibrant and diverse market that supports a wide range of innovative solutions and business models.

We aim to provide global exposure of current research trends on various disciplines. We tend to be the international door for sharing knowledge and a mode to generate interest in the respective fields.