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Volume 3  Issue 1


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Evaluation the effectiveness of Multiplex PCR system(Septitest) for the rapid detection of blood pathogens in late onset sepsis of Extremely Low Birth Preterms

Cekmez F1*, Erdinc HK2, Arcagok BC2, Ozdek S2

Sepsis is still a major cause of morbi=dity and mortality in the neonatal period, particularly in preterm infants. Because of difficulties in determining the infections, many biomarkers are being searched for early diagnosis. We evaluated the clinical value of a multiplex-real-time-PCR assay in episodes of suspected late-onset sepsis in ELBW preterms. A total of 30 ELBW preterm with high probable sepsis were included in the study.  The qPCR in this study showed 46%  positivity  in patients  but in positivity in blood culture is %35.

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