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Volume 4  Issue 1


Review Article

Meat Processing and Utilization in Tropical Africa: A Review

Kubkomawa HI

The objective of the paper was to review meat processing methods and consumption rate in tropical Africa. Meat is a major animal product which has high quality in human nutrition. It is a balanced source of protein, having essential amino acids of lysine, methionine, B vitamins (especially B12) and iron. Meat in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa is processed locally in a traditional way in the public abattoirs. It is usually cooked fresh at homes for households’ meals, restaurants for sale, festivals and ceremonies for celebrations.

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Research Article

Entrepreneurship in Animal Agriculture

Kubkomawa H.I *

The objective of the study was to survey the current beef production characteristics in Mubi, Adamawa State, Nigeria. One hundred (100) beef producers were randomly selected for interviews and discussion on beef production characteristics. Data generated were subjected to descriptive statistics to explain the trend of beef production characteristics in the study area. Beef are produced in the area majorly by pastoralism (75%), home fattening (15%) and government institutions (10%)

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