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Volume 4  Issue 2


Research Article

Fetal Surgery and Asphyxia may disturb Spinal Cord Integrity – An Experimental Study in a Pregnant Sheep

Panu Piirainen1, Merja Kokki2, Juha Räsänen3, Hannu Tuominen4, Hanna-Marja Voipio5, Erkki Laisalmi5, Hannu Kokki1*

We have evaluated potential effects of anesthesia, surgery and asphyxia on fetal spinal cord integrity. After National
Animal Experimental Board approval, twenty ewes with singleton or twin pregnancy at near term gestation were exposed to two repeated endotracheal anesthesia. Fetal surgery was performed for one of the fetuses during the first anesthesia and a 3.5-h hypoxemia was induced during the second anesthesia five days later. After experiments, a necropsy was performed to obtain fetal spinal cord histopathological samples. The histopathology was evaluated from hematoxylin-eosin-stained paraffin sections under a light microscope. A total of 21 fetal spinal cords from 20 pregnancies were evaluated. Six had fetal surgery and three of them also 3.5-h hypoxemia

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