Over the past few years, electronic web publishing has been the main means of dissemination drifting the peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Jacobs publishers is an international publisher with about 100 journals online open access journals in multidisciplinary fields. The journals are designed to be within the scope and application based. For all submitted manuscripts, journals have a high standard of Peer Review process with qualified editorial staff.

Associations unite people together in order to share knowledge, inspire novel approaches and advance research. The activities of associations are aimed at advancing and sustaining personal growth and improving educational opportunities for members from diverse groups. Jacobs publishers greets associations to share the scientific information and activities with each other. We also seek ways to work together in partnerships. We are glad to collaborate with groups in science communication and various backgrounds, including academics, education, research and development, industry and professional societies, etc., to enhance scientific activities with new ideas. By advertising, we promote collaborations in staging our conferences ' activities, free publications, and also make the most of all our resources to maximize public engagement with science. The aim of collaboration with international societies is to leverage appropriate imperative knowledge and mutually ensure the Journal and Association's viability and success.

Our Associations Include

  • Aurelius Conferences


  • Increased quality and strength of performing to reach the desired goals.
  • Develops network of scientific scholars and researchers sharing knowledge in common platform
  • Exchange ideas thereby new approaches can be blossomed.
  • Build broader support and reach a wide range of audience
  • Advances in new technology increasing the quality of journals.