Collaboration of Hematology and Surgery


 Collaboration of Hematology and Surgery

Corresponding authorAtilla Senayli, Assistant Professor, Yildirim Beyazit University, Turkey,

Multidisciplinary evaluations of the diseases can be vital to treatment success. During the emerging treatments course of the hematologic diseases, surgical approaches have become increasingly important. Nowadays, there is a solid integrity between hematology and surgery.

In literature, if “children, hematology” key words have been used for searching articles, there are 676,000 in Google scholar, and 17,917 articles in PubMed. If “children, hematology, surgery” is used, then 154,000 literature in Google scholar, and 4757 article in PubMed can be found. Although, some of these are partially related with hematologic diseases, these results define in bold outline that 20-25% of the hematologic diseases have been related to surgery somehow. This data was revealed from English literature. Therefore, detail evaluations in other language indexes can augment data.

Hematologic diseases may contain all surgical disciplines. Splenectomy, cholecystectomy, venous thrombosis, central venous catheter implantations and drug related surgeryneeded side effect studies might be frequently seen in literature. Also preoperative managements, and incidental problems ended with surgical procedures are some of the examples in literature. Evaluation of these issues and experiences will ease treatment of similar problems. Nevertheless, there are still gaps in treatment managements.

In hospitals, hematology and surgery departments collaborate for problems. However, protocols for treatments are not usually designed. At least, publications consisting in decision-making algorithms are highly insufficient. To minimize the problems during treatment, it is better to produce management modalities.

This novel journal will inspire to produce multi-disciplinary decision-making protocols. Jacobs Journal of Hematology is the opportunity to construct this point of view. Thus, an editorial board to understand these aforementioned problems is constructed. Presenting integrated and multidisciplinary articles will be one of the purposes. With all these thought, I wish an efficient publication life for publishers and authors.

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