Volume 5  Issue 2

Volume 5  Issue 2


Research article 

Phenotypic Traits and Genetic Markers Associated with Smoking

Carlos A. Isaza M, Julieta Henao B, Leonardo Beltrán*, Sandra Valencia C, Alejandra Quiceno G

Smoking is a complex addiction, with heterogeneous phenotypic traits and marked genetic influence. In this study, we compared the variant rs1137115 of the CYP2A6 gene, which encodes the enzyme that metabolizes nicotine, and variant rs16969968 of the CHRNA5 gene, which encodes the receptor to which nicotine binds, between smokers and non-smokers. We assessed any associations between these molecular markers and phenotypes of smokers.

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Case Report 

Dimenhydrinate Dependence in Patient with Previous History of Psychiatric Disorder

Janine Andrade Moscon*, Catarine Lima Conti

Dimenhydrinate (DMH) is commonly used due to its antiemetic / anti vertiginous therapeutic effect but symptoms resulting from chronic abuse of this substance have only rarely been described. Here we reported the case of a patient with previous history of Borderline Personality Disorder and drug abuse with recent tolerance, craving and abstinence symptoms from DMH abuse, pointing to addictive power of this antihistaminic medicine.

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Review Article 

Brain Stimulation in the Treatment of Addiction

Catarine Lima Conti PhD*, Janine Andrade Moscon MD

Drug dependence is a disorder that affects the whole subject but specially its mental health. Several brain areas involved in drug addiction have been described and the prefrontal cortex is pointed as a key structure involved in the control over drug intake behaviour. Here, we summarize the involvement of some prefrontal sites in drug abuse and we present relevant findings that point the neuromodulation of the prefrontal cortex as a promising additional tool in the treatment of addiction.

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