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The effect of Bergamot essential oils against Vibrio anguillarum: a pathogenic fish species

Mancuso M1* , Rappazzo A C 1, Catalfamo M.1, Raymo V.2 and Zaccone R.1

The present study is focused to evaluate the effects of Bergamot Essential Oil and its terpene against fish pathogen species. The antimicrobial activity was investigated in vitro against Vibrio anguillarum strains. The chemical composition was also analysed. Results showed that both essential oils were effective against this species, reducing bacterial growth for 3 days. The results suggest that bergamot oils may be used as an effective antimicrobial system to reduce the microbial growth and constitute an useful alternative in aquaculture farms to prevent bacterial fish diseases.

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Research Article

Mortality of Landlocked Fall Chinook Salmon Broodstock After Electrofishing or Ascending a Fish Ladder

Brandon C. Maahs, Hilary A. Meyer, Nathan D. Huysman, Jill M. Voorhees, and Michael E. Barnes

Landlocked fall Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) broodstock can be obtained either passively after broodfish ascend a fish ladder, or actively through electrofishing. This study examined the mortality of broodstock Chinook salmon obtained by either method in Lake Oahe, South Dakota, USA in 2017. Overall, 10% of the 594 salmon that ascended the ladder died prior to spawning, which was significantly less than the 19% of the 344 salmon that died after electrofishing. More importantly, only 4% of the female broodstock that ascended the ladder died, which was also significantly less than the 12% mortality of females that were electrofished. Mortality of the ladder-run males was also significantly lower than that of males obtained by electrofishing.

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