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Food and Nutrition

Shabana Kouser Ali, Ph.D

Food and Nutrition are the fuel for providing energy for our bodies. Nutrition is science that explains the interactions of nutrients and other substances in relation to maintenances, growth, health, reproduction and diseases. This topic includes food intake, absorption, biosynthesis, assimilation, catabolism and excretion.
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Original article

Nutrient-Dense Foods Make You Feel Better: What Our Customers Tell Us

1Stacey J Bell*2Peter M Castleman and 3Charles Marsland

When social media became widely available in the early 2000s, corporation-generated advertisements changed. Companies learned customer responses were believable, important for product design, and they led to sales. The purpose of this study was to conduct an Audit asking customers what changes they experienced after eating The Company’s nutrient-rich meals, called Nutrient Complete Meals.
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