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Volume 3 Issue 2

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Forensic Analysis of Firearm Injuries in Port said Governorate during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution

Amina Samy, Samar A. Ahmed*, Khadiga Abdelfattah, Sawsan Abdelfattah Shalaby

The use of firearms as weapons of assault criminally continues to increase worldwide. The 25th of January 2011 Egyptian revolution took place following a popular uprising that began on Tuesday, 25 January 2011. No study was done before to evaluate the incidence and pattern of firearm injuries and deaths in Port Said during the year of the Egyptian revolution, with all the security and ethical repercussions in Egypt in that period, which necessitated the conduct of this study.

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Original Article

Forensic Errors Leading to Wrongful Convictions in China

Jiang Na1 and Han Rong2

The common causes of high-profile wrongful convictions in China are generally similar to the causes of such convictions in other countries. Forensic failings have been reported that jeopardize the lives of people suspected of committing capital crimes. This paper will focus on case studies of most notorious wrongful convictions that reveal the influence of forensic errors on the developing course of wrongful conviction, so as to examine the actual effect of implementing current justice systems in China.

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