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Volume 4 Issue 2


Research article

Does Surgical Technique Influence Patient Satisfaction after the Triathlontm Knee Replacement?

Peter W. Robinson1, Jana Torres-Grau1, Jemma Rooker1 and Gordon C. Bannister*1

Patient satisfaction varies after primary total knee arthroplasty (TKA), is established within three to six months of surgery and may be better with the TriathlonTM TKA. Early recovery is improved by the subvastus approach and intra-operative, local anaesthetic field block and patient satisfaction by patellar resurfacing. Our hypothesis is that the combination of these techniques improves patient satisfaction with the TriathlonTM further.

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Mini Review

Hip Fracture in Relation with Bone Markers and Chronic Disease

Mohammad Eghbal Heidari*

The Special Issue on Bone Turnover Markers, Associated with Hip Fracture Risk, presents a wide variety of articles published about factors which cause fractures globally. There has been an abundance of articles addressing bone markers in the medical literature, and investigating several important bone Turnover Markers. The publication of many articles in 2018 about bone markers and their linkage with fractures indicates the importance of this issue.

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