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Volume 3 Issue 2


Research Article

Status of Humoral Immunity against Newcastle Disease Virus in Commercial Poultry Farms in Ethiopia

Asamenew Tesfaye1,  Rediet Belayneh1, Asegedech Sirak1, Gizat Almaw1, Tadewos Kassa1, Hassen Chaka1 and Teshale S2

Vaccination is the method of choice for control of Newcastle disease in developing countries. A cross-sectional survey was conducted in six commercial poultry farms to assess their immune status against Newcastle disease in Ethiopia. In addition, experimental study was carried out in 210 day old chickens belonging to Rose, Lohmann brown and Sasso breeds to compare their response to HB1 and La Sota vaccines. Blood samples were collected from 75 day-old chickens (25 chickens from each breed) to assess the level of maternally derived antibody titer before vaccine was given. Blood samples were collected fortnightly after the first and booster vaccinations.

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Short Commentary

Effect of Chronic Circadian Disorder during Pregnancy on Progeny Mice

Zhang P*1

Circadian rhythms are very important to the reproduction [1, 2], development [3, 4] and physiological activities of autonomic nerve innervation of mammals and can even be said to be: Time is everything. Here is a short communication about ‘Environmental perturbation of the circadian clock during pregnancy leads to transgenerational mood disorder-like behaviors in mice’ which we published in 2017. At the same time, some interesting scientific questions will be raised up, which are also the substance of our further research.

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