Volume 1 Issue 1 

Volume 1 Issue 1   
Research Article
Determining the Physiological Basis of the Effects of Alligator Pepper in Pregnant Sprague Dawley RatsUte Inegbenebor*, Ebomoyi M I, Obika L F OThis study was carried out to determine the changes in the fasting levels of some reproductive and metabolic hormones and glucose in pregnancy, that are due to the effect of saline extract of Alligator pepper, with the aim of determining the probable physiological mechanisms for previously reported bioactive effects. This was a controlled cross sectional intervention study. Forty-five (45) pregnant Sprague Dawley rats were allocated into experimental groups B, C, and D and 15 non-pregnant Sprague Dawley rats were allocated to the control group A.   
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The Trivialization of Subviral AgentsTheodor
O. Diener*

I don’t think that many burghers of Delft in the Netherlands realized in1675 that one of their own would bring about a peaceful revolution that would forever change the way we look at the universe and particularly at its living inhabitants. For eons, we must have assumed—probably without much thought— that the biosphere, the realm of living beings, encompassed only beings that we could recognize with our senses. But when Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, a tradesman and scientist, looked with his self-built and improved microscope—an instrument invented only recently—at a drop of standing water, he must have been incredibly surprised, if not shocked, by what he saw: evidently self-propelled, living organisms swimming across the field of vision.                       Full textDownload PDF