Volume 3  Issue 2

Volume 3  Issue 2

Perspective Article

On Rumen Microbial Evolution: Food Security Prospects

Akbar Nikkhah*

This article elaborates on discovering circadian rhythmicity of rumen microbial characteristics including pH, osmolarity, volatile fatty acids production and absorption capacity, lactate utilization capability, rumen liquid and solids volume and pool, microbial protein synthesis and efficiency, and microbial population diversity and variations. The evolution of ruminants on nature and during modernization has shaped such circadian properties of the rumen microbial ecology.

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Brief Report

Developing a Cookbook with Lifestyle Tips: A Community-Engaged Approach to Promoting Diet-Related Cancer Prevention Guidelines

Selina A. Smith, PhD, MDiv, Joyce Q. Sheats, RN, MPH, Mary S. Whitehead, MPH, CHES, Ernestine Delmoor, MPH, Thomas Britt, MD, MPH, Cassandra L. Harris, MS, MCHES, Janette Robinson-Flint, L. Monique Porche- Smith, MS, Kayellen Edmonds Umeakunne, MS, RD, LD, and Steven S. Coughlin, PhD

Supplementing nutrition education with skills-building activities may enhance community awareness of diet-related cancer prevention guidelines. To develop a cookbook with lifestyle tips, recipes were solicited from the National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer (NBLIC) community coalitions and dietary intake advice from participants in the Educational Program to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening (EPICS). With guidance from a chef and registered dietitian, recipes were tested, assessed, and transformed; lifestyle advice was obtained from focus groups

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