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Editor Guidelines - Jacobs Publishers Open Access Journals

Editor Guidelines

Editors of the scientific journals are accountable to authors, peer reviewers, journal readers, and the scientific community. Editors should significantly maintain and improve the Journal's standards by handling the quality peer review process. An editor's important role is to choose the appropriate reviewers in a particular area to improve the manuscript's quality. Editor should decide whether the manuscripts submitted are suitable for the journal's scope or not which is eventually followed by review process by at least two experts and editor handling the manuscript. Review comments are considered but editor decision remains final. Acceptance and rejection of articles for publication are based on the final decision of the editor.

Editor Responsibilities

  • Each and every Editor of the Editorial Board plays an important role in the peer review process and in maintaining journal standards.
  • Editors should evaluate the submitted manuscript whether it is within the scope of the journal, and should determine the following points:
    1. Whether the research is important, original and well defined?
    2. Whether the data and explanation are well balanced and supported by the data?
    3. What are the possible strengths and weaknesses of the submitted manuscript?
  • The editor will assign the reviewer for the submitted manuscript based on the area of interest.
  • Editor is the final decision maker for acceptance or rejection of the article based on the review comments.
  • If needed editor has to review the manuscript for the second time when the author submits the revised manuscript. The author will receive the review comments based on which the revised manuscript has to be submitted.
  • The article will be rejected if it is not suitable for publication. The editor gives the comments for the rejection to the author.
  • An editor should give unbiased decision to all manuscripts based on the quality of the manuscript.
  • The manuscript information should not be disclosed by the editor and the editorial staff to anyone other than reviewers.
  • The editor should not use unpublished information, or interpretations in a submitted manuscript except with the consent by the author.