Editor Note: Dentistry and Research

Editor Note: Dentistry and Research

Corresponding author: Asadullah Jahangir, Freelance Writer, School of Pharmacy, Glocal University, Saharanpur, U. P. India.

The branch of clinical dental research with enduring variations in possibilities, approaches, and instrumentation, there is an improvement in the awareness of quality dental care in developed world. Dentistry and Research comprises improved applications of computer technologies in diagnostic science and clinical measurements, resulting in creation of clinical decision with more accuracy.

Journal of Dentistry and Research Volume 2 Issue 2 published articles exploring various topics related to dental health like as a case report on rehabilitation of a maxillofacial cheek defect with a double-layered epithesis [1], fMRI study on human subjects with sudden occlusal vertical dimension increase [2], and oral discomfort in patients taking atypical versus typical antipsychotics [3].

Bahadir et al. [1]., presented a case report of 61-year-old man with full thickness defect in facial cheek because of tissue necrosis complication that occurred after surgery with follow up of radiation therapy for basal cell carcinoma of submental region that is required for prosthetic rehabilitation. Patient was suffering from oral debilities such as eating, speaking, and swallowing. Since, this type of carcinoma has a risk of morbidity and mortality it is necessary for prosthodontist to treat the patient to have normal social life. Therefore, on this account the defect was prosthetically rehabilitated using a double layered technique of maxillofacial prosthesis that stimulates intra and extra oral tissues. Cosmesil and DentuSil silicone material was used and using arcrylic element in the mold connection for both materials is made. The denture had good durability, placement, retention and adaptation and patients reported were satisfied. Hence, author concluded that this simple alternative method of double layered technique can improve and help the patients with facial full thickness cheek defects.

Vertical dimension of occlusion, or VDO, also known as occlusal vertical dimension (OVD), is a term used in dentistry to indicate the superior-inferior relationship of the maxilla and the mandible when the teeth are occluded in maximum intercuspation. Agnes Lai et al. [2]., presented article describing fMRI studies on human subjects with sudden occlusal vertical dimension increase. 10 subjects using acrylic resin mandibular essex overlay providing an increase of 3.0mm at the incisor teeth was asked to use voluntarily. Functional magnetic resonance imaging with a tooth-tapping task and questionnaire were carried out before (To), at insertion (T1) and after the insertion of the overlay (T2). A comparative study was made within individuals functional magnetic resonance imaging records. Participants presented no systemic health concerns, no oral disease or oro-facial pain. Also, satisfaction was more when with chewing and speech. However, there were significant changes observed from functional magnetic resonance imaging analysis in medial frontal gyrus, pre and post central gyrus.

Koski et al. [3]., explored on various oral discomforts in patients taking atypical versus typical antipsychotics. On this account an open cross-sectional questionnaire was carried out in hospitalized psychiatric patients taking neuroleptic drugs. This study included 170 patients taking the medications and a significant higher prevalence of xerostomia was observed in patients with typical neuroleptic group i.e. 66% whereas, 53% in atypical group. In this study about 28% of females and 17% of males got dry mouth through professional consultations. Throughout the day with persistence oral pain is reported by 46% typical and 5% atypical neuroleptic patients. Nevertheless, both the groups experienced burning sensation and oral pain in the tongue and buccal mucosa. The presented results highlight the significance of awareness of oral discomfort and its successive effects on quality of life.

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