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Corresponding author: M.Sailaja, M.Sc., Ph.D, Institute of Genetics, Osmania University, Hyderabad, E-mail: sailajamadhuri@gmail.com

Journal of Nursing and Care publishes articles related and covering all the issues regarding health care and focus on the care of individual and communities to attain good quality of life. Journal of Nursing and Care Volume 2 Issue 2 published articles discussing various topics such as Does Technological Innovation Decrease Workloads? A Study on Health Care [1], Attitude of Undergraduates Towards the Utilization of Existing Health Facilities of a Tertiary Institution in Benin, Edo State, Nigeria [2], The Effect of an Exercise Intervention on Nursing Test Anxiety [3], and Maybe it is just Hard to let go of the Patient: Nurses’ Attitudes and Experiences of End-of-Life Care in Acute Hospital Wards [4].

Denise Elvira Pires de Pires et al. [1]., objective was to identify and study the effects of technological innovation on the workloads in the healthcare sectors professionals. For this purpose, author carried out a multi-site case study involving hospitals and primary health care units in brazil and in Netherlands. From the performed studies it is found out that the majority of professionals have perceived that technology decreases workloads and improves quality of care. Anyhow, it is also observed that technological innovation increase workloads. Hence, author concluded that whether there is increase or decrease in workloads depends on working conditions, in-depth understanding, and the managing model.

Florence O. Adeyemo et al. [2]., employed survey design to study the attitudes of undergraduates towards the utilization of existing health facilities of a tertiary institution in Benin, of Nigeria. Random sampling technique and self-administered anonymous structured close-ended questionnaire. From obtained results it is concluded that the undergraduates have positive attitude towards university health service and comparing to male students’ females utilized the service of health department.

Amy Nagorski Johnson. [3]., through his research article presented the effects of an exercise and the effect of power walking intervention to test on Nursing test Anxiety. On this account 31 undergraduates took part into this factorial designed study. Depending upon the state-trait anxiety inventory (STAI), and quick paced walking four miles per hour for a period of 45 minutes before exam is examined. From the results there was significant differences observed between students who exercised and who did not exercise in test taking anxiety. Results demonstrated that students participated in exercise have less testing anxiety compared to students didn’t take part in. hence, author concluded the power walking gave and helped in managing the testing anxiety and performances.

Elisabet Hjorleifsdottir et al. [4]., did a qualitative phenomenological study to examine the attitudes and experiences of nurses involved in end of life phase in acute hospital units and to shed light on effective methods for making effective care. A sample of 17 nurses were selected for the study and semi-structured interviews were conducted and analysed in 2014. In this study, five main themes emerged they are decision making in concern to treatment withdrawal, communication, symptom management, family support, and the effect of various environmental factors on the quality services. Authors concludes that the decision making on treatment during the end phase of life is a complex process that needs mutual understanding with good collaboration between nurses and patients.

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