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Journal of BiomarkersJacobs Journal of Biomarkers is an online open access journal, encompassing all aspects of biomarkers applications and Biomarkers Research; it aims at publishing original discoveries and reviews related to biomarkers in various biomedical disciplines. Biomarkers’ is evaluated as an indicator of normal biological processes, pathogenic processes or pharmacological responses to a therapeutic intervention and these are the measures used to perform a clinical assessment such as blood pressure or cholesterol level which are used to monitor and predict health states in individuals or across populations.

The Journal cordially invites different types of articles such as Research articles, Review articles, case reports and Letters to Editors which relates to Biomarkers.

Classification :

  • Biomarkers as health and disease predictor
  • Biomarkers in cancer detection
  • Biomarkers in Cell biology
  • Biomarkers in Geology and astrobiology(geo markers)
  • Biomarkers in Transcriptomics Biomarkers in Forensic profiling
  • Biomarkers in Clinical Research
  • Biomarkers Discovery and Validation
  • Biomarkers for Microbial Infections and Microbial biomarkers
  • Exposure, Response and Susceptibility of Biomarkers
  • Techniques to Maximize Biomarkers Identification
  • Biomarkers Current Research
  • Biomarkers in Lipidomics and Proteomics
  • Biomarkers in Drug Delivery
  • Biomarkers in Agriculture Biotechnology
  • Molecular Approaches for Biomarkers /Biomarkers in genomics
  • Pharmaceutical Research and Development

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