Jacobs Journal of Biomarkers (ISSN 2381-2729)

  • Biomarkers as health and disease predictor
  • Biomarkers in cancer detection
  • Biomarkers in Cell biology
  • Biomarkers in Geology and astrobiology(geo markers)
  • Biomarkers in Transcriptomics Biomarkers in Forensic profiling
  • Biomarkers in Clinical Research
  • Biomarkers Discovery and Validation
  • Biomarkers for Microbial Infections and Microbial biomarkers
  • Exposure, Response and Susceptibility of Biomarkers
  • Techniques to Maximize Biomarkers Identification
  • Biomarkers Current Research
  • Biomarkers in Lipidomics and Proteomics
  • Biomarkers in Drug Delivery
  • Biomarkers in Agriculture Biotechnology
  • Molecular Approaches for Biomarkers /Biomarkers in genomics
  • Pharmaceutical Research and Development

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Dr. Shengle Zhang
State University of New York Upstate Medical University,


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