Jacobs Journal of Experimental Dermatology (ISSN 2379-514X)


Experimental DermatologyJacobs Journal of Experimental Dermatology is an Open Access, peer reviewed journal dealing with the skin and its treatments. It provides avenues for molecular studies to clinical investigations, laboratory and clinical studies which provide new information that will be reviewed expeditiously. It gives sound and valid information about normal and pathological processes in skin development and aging and treatment, as well as basic research into histology of dermal and dermal structures that provide clinical insights and potential treatment options.

It updates the source of information on all aspects of the diagnosis and management of skin diseases. This journal is an open source for original submissions, reviews, surgeon’s reports, rapid communications, editorials, case reports, clinical images and letters.

Classification :

  •  Skin Allergy
  •  Bacterial Skin Diseases
  •  Dermal Fungal Infections
  •  Dermatopathology
  •  Protein Biosynthesis
  •  Pigmentation Disorders
  •  Contact Dermatitis
  •  Atopic Dermatitis
  •  Phytophoto Dermatitis
  •  Cosmetic Dermatology
  •  Skin Cancer and Mohs Surgery
  •  Pediatric Dermatology
  •  Tele Dermatology
  •  Plastic Surgery
  •  Psycho Dermatology
  •  Dermatosurgery and Cutaneous Laser Therapy
  •  Wound Repair and Burn Treatment
  •  Epidemiology of Skin Diseases
  •  Skin Grafting and Immune Response
  •  Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  •  Diagnostic Methods and Tests
  •  Pharmacology and Therapy

Grant Published Articles

 Dr. Karli Rosner Dr. Karli Rosner
Wayne State University,


Recent Articles


  • Skin Allergy
  • Bacterial Skin Diseases
  • Dermal Fungal Infections
  • Dermatopathology
  • Protein Biosynthesis
  • Pigmentation Disorders
  • Contact Dermatitis
  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Phytophoto Dermatitis
  • Cosmetic Dermatology
  • Skin Cancer and Mohs Surgery
  • Pediatric Dermatology
  • Tele Dermatology
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Psycho Dermatology
  • Wound Repair and Burn Treatment