Addiction Disorders and Therapy

Therapeutic Apheresis in Drug Addiction Treatment

Published on: 2019-07-24


In recent years, the number of patients taking opioid drugs associated with development of an unavoidable craving for them has increased. Often it results in lethal outcomes due to overdose and on the background of withdrawal syndrome, when trying to stop taking such drugs. There are a growing number of women, abusing drugs during pregnancy, which causes serious complications for the fetus and the newborn. All this is a consequence of severe intoxication, which cannot be relieved with help of medicines. The use of extracorporeal therapeutic apheresis methods is pathogenetically justified in such cases, and our experience shows the validity of this approach in the treatment of drug dependence.


Opioids; drug addiction; withdrawal syndrome; delirium; intoxication; therapeutic apheresis; plasmapheresis