International Academic Journal of Entrepreneurship

The Critical Analysis Of Some Northern Asian Corporate Governance Standards After The Global Crisis -Cases In Singapore and Pakistan

Published on: 2019-08-20


Over the past years, there are many corporate scandals in financial and non-financial sectors all over the world, which represents a weak corporate governance structure. The application of quality management in corporate governance has not been tested, checked and show its effectiveness. The aim of this paper is to present a set of comparative corporate governance standards in some Northern Asian countries including: Singapore and Pakistan. With the use of qualitative combined with comparative analysis method, there are strengths and weaknesses in these codes or practices which will be identified in this paperwork. Therefore, this paper not only identifies different points in latest corporate governance standard principles and systems in the above two (2) countries, but also provides with a summary of evaluation of current corporate governance systems in these above countries which may enable relevant organizations in re-evaluating their current ones. In addition, this study identified main quality and sub-quality factors of corporate governance system toward a better leadership combined with sustainability for firms. Last but not least, it aims to illustrate a limited comparative set of standards of Northern Asian corporate governance, and give proper recommendations to relevant governments and institutions toward a sustainable practices in business life.


Corporate governance standards; board structure; corporate scandals; market manipulation; internal audit