International Academic Journal of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Practice amongst Lecturers of Vocational College

*Hanim Zainal
Department Of Management And Entrepreneurship, School Of Education, University Of Technology Malaysia, Skudai, Malaysia

*Corresponding Author:
Hanim Zainal
Department Of Management And Entrepreneurship, School Of Education, University Of Technology Malaysia, Skudai, Malaysia

Published on: 2019-08-20


Implementation of entrepreneurial skills is an education based on entrepreneurship activities conducted at Vocational Colleges nowadays. Entrepreneurship Program held at the Vocational College is one of the elements of teaching and learning opportunities for teachers and students in particular to the actual experience in the business world hence apply concepts and theories learned as a business approach to real situations. Entrepreneurship has become an integral part of educational thinking and planning for the educational future. The educators and administrators are actively searching for ways to prepare students for the future; hence the educational system has been involving faster than before. Thus, this study focus on lectures that implies seen as the person responsible for the successful implementation of the entrepreneurship program. Therefore, this study was conducted to identify the level of readiness among lecturers in the implementation of the entrepreneurship activities in four Northern Peninsular Area Vocational College of Alor Setar, Sungai Petani 2, Arau and Kangar. Perceptions of preparedness among lecturers viewed from the aspect of knowledge, practices and skills. A total of 100 lecturers from four Northern Regional Vocational College randomly selected to answer a questionnaire that was given. Analysis of these data means scores and standard deviations to determine the mean in order to find differences in the desired ratio. It was found that the average score readiness vocational college lecturers in the Northern Territory in terms of practice (mean=3.97) and knowledge (mean=3.796) and skills (mean=3.821) is high. This shows the perception of the level of preparedness among lecturers from the point of knowledge, practice and skills is at a high level with the implementation of entrepreneurship activities. This is because most of the lecturers have been prepared to implement the entrepreneurship program of vocational college, but there are constraints such as workload and work in vocational college which forced the lecturers to dominate over administrative duties in the depictions program on entrepreneurship. In conclusion, this study showed no significant difference in the availability of technical lecturers on the implementation of the entrepreneurship program in the Northern Region Vocational College.


Competency; facilitation; participation; engagement with business; entrepreneurship


At the Vocational College, students are exposed to the entrepreneurial aspects in line with the Vocational College’s own goal which targets graduates 10 percent to become entrepreneurs. According to [1], entrepreneurship is an initiative, creating, building and expanding a company or organization, establishing an entrepreneurial team and collecting resources to find opportunities in the long-term market while [2], the government recognizes the importance of entrepreneurship education to be applied in the national education system because the entrepreneurial activity is an important component of economic growth, innovation and employment. Entrepreneurship education is an ideal field to offer at a Vocational College to develop entrepreneurial elements and potentials in Vocational College students who meet the needs of the community [3, 4].