International Journal for Business Case Studies

Towards Business Performance Measurement Systems

Published on: 2019-04-25


Performance measurement system (PMS) has been defined and redefined over the years since the traditional measurement systems are seen as inadequate in meeting the needs of the contemporary business environment. The onsets of global competition and changing technologies have demanded holistic and dynamic performance measurement systems. Therefore, the objective of the study is to enrich the understanding of some popular PMSs and their key characteristics, major contributions and the shortcomings in the integrated performance frameworks that have inhibited their adoption on full scale. The study has followed literature review methodology based on chronological review and reviewed almost all popular PMSs developed in last three decades. The acceptance of different PMSs have had on various dimensions and measures give the different result of organization performance. This study has resulted in a departure from a generalist understanding of performance measurement to a specialty focus


Performance measurement; Performance measurement systems (PMSs); Non-financial measures; Organizational performance