International Journal of Clinical and Medical Imaging

Rna Interference: Progress In Delivery Strategies And Therapeutic Application

Published on: 2019-02-25


RNA interference is a conserved mechanism in which small interfering RNA originate by slicing of double-stranded RNA attaches to target mRNA to stop translation. This mechanism of gene silencing is used therapeutically to treat certain disease, such as cancer, HIV, hepatitis (A& B) and other viral infections. It is identified that certain genetic disorders, Alzheimer & Parkinson’s disease can be treated by transferring cultured neurons through siRNA. In our review paper, we studied latest progress made in the delivery strategies of RNAi therapeutics like liposome, nanoparticles and viral vectors. In this review, overview of recent work and the prospect of RNAi in therapeutic application is also discussed. RNA interference will soon prove as a widely used therapeutic tool.


RNA interference; mRNA; Delivery strategies; Nanoparticles; Polycation; RISC; PEG