International Journal of Clinical and Medical Imaging

The Diagnosis of Atherosclerosis by Using Digital Image Processing

Published on: 2019-04-19


Accelerating the pace of scientific progress and that focus in the field of human service requirements is to provide daily health and service. Health aspect is one of the most important themes of science that needs to be searched because it has a direct impact on human existence. Medical Physics is one of the branches of the Physics Department that deals with the interest of providing theoretical or scientific foundations which had the aims to provide scientific services in the medical field. The subject of the medical image processing is one of the applications of this section. It aims to increase the efficiency of medical diagnostic systems to provide an integrated diagnostic system that works to distinguish a heart disease and an atherosclerosis. The main focus of this study depends on medical images that were obtained from patients in Nasiriyah Heart Center, where the researcher was taking images for arteries feeding the heart muscle of persons injured and others to be healthy. Set of operations were performed on these images derived from work areas and the separation of these areas from the rest of unimportant information within the image. Then it was reclaimed process recipes, which had been brought into the neural network, the use of 110 images to train the network 60 and 50 were used for the test. The next step is to count the number of qualities for each image after it has been extracted artery of the image by making some operations on this image. The proposed system has proven successful in the conduct of the diagnostic process through the results obtained on the ratio of 100% in the training phase. And 92% in the testing phase.


Medical Physics; arteries; abnormal; digital image