International Journal of Clinical and Medical Imaging

Editorial Board

Dr. Ashish Khandelwal

Brigham And Women’s Hospital, UNITED STATES


Dr. Domenico Rubello

Padova University, ITALY

Department of Imaging
Rovigo General Hospital in Veneto

Dr. Gianluca Vinti

University Of Perugia, ITALY

Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences

Dr. Hassaan Tohid

California Institute Of Behavioral Neurosciences And Psychology,, UNITED STATES

Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur, Life Coach

Dr. Laura Mazilu

Ovidius University Of Constanta, ROMANIA

Head of the Oncology Department
Clinical Emergency Hospital of Constanta Romani

Dr. Sinan Onal

Southern Illinois University, UNITED STATES

Assistant Professor

Dr. SMJ Mortazav

Fox Chase Cancer Center , IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF

Department of Investigation

Dr. Terry Lichtorhtor

Rush University Medical Center, UNITED STATES

Faculty of Neurosurgery

Dr. Wilmer Noe Delgado Luengo

Universidad Del Zulia, VENEZUELA

Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Xiaoyun Liang

The University Of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health

Eduardo Perez

Texas State University, UNITED STATES

Associate Professor
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Kuo Chen Wei

Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA

Assistant professor
Department of Neurological Surgery

Nicola Filippini

University Of Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM

Post Doctral Research Fellow
Department of Psychiatry

Roberto Badagliacca

La Sapienza University Of Rome, ITALY

Assistent Professor
Department of Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Nephrologic and Geriatric Sciences

Rudolph Pienaar

Boston Children's Hospital , UNITED STATES

Technical Director and Staff Scientist
Department of Radiology