Jacobs Journal of Agriculture

Time-related changes in magnesium content and magnesium/calcium ratio of Finnish agricultural soil associated inversely with human CHD in 1961-1990

Published on: 2018-06-28


Because of reported associations of Mg with cardiovascular diseases (CVD), we assessed changes in soil Mg and Mg/Ca ratio with human CHD in order to clarify, whether these soil parameters could be associated with the human CHD epidemic in Finland. Human CHD and soil statistics are based on old data. Soil Mg and Mg/Ca ratio values are assessed by six successive 5 year periods from 1961 to 1990 (1961-1965, 1966-1970, etc). Mg has been included in basic samples (including Ca and K) since 1986, before it the number of Mg samples was lower and its distribution differed from basic samples. Soil-type-specific data are available from periods 1966-1970, 1976-1980 and 1986-1990. By benefiting the soil-type-distribution data from 1986-1990 and soiltype specific Mg and Ca values from these three periods we calculated adjusted Mg and Mg/Ca values for periods 1966-1970 and 1976-1980 (respective values for 1986-1990 were readily given).
In original data soil Mg and Mg/Ca were decreasing in the 1960’s and increasing after that. Human CHD associated inversely with these soil values. In original data soil Mg explained 98 % (p < 0.001) of male CHD (M.CHD) and 80 % (p = 0.017) of female (F.CHD) during 1961-1990. Soil Mg/Ca explained 93 % (p = 0.002) variation in M.CHD and 70 % (p = 0.039) in F.CHD. By soil-type adjusted soil Mg and Mg/Ca confirm their increase in 1966-1990 during CHD reduction.
Magnesium status of Finnish agricultural soils associated inversely with human CHD in 1961-1990 and could be one causative factor of the Finnish CHD epidemic.


CHD; Mg; Mg/Ca; Agriculture; Soil