Jacobs Journal of Agriculture

Journal Scope

Jacobs Journal of Agricultureis an international, scientific and open access journal publishing peer-reviewed research reflecting the scope and interdisciplinary nature of agriculture. Agronomy is the science and technology that conserves natural resources and protects the environment by producing and using plants for food, fuel, fiber and land reclamation. Agricultural science is a comprehensive multidisciplinary stream of biology that covers how accurate, natural, economic and social sciences are used and strengthened in agriculture practice and understanding.

Agriculture confines the scope to cultivation and processing of plants, animals, food, fuel, medicinal plants used to support human life. Agriculture scientific study is said to be a science of agriculture that includes the scientific process for the development of various practices such as the attainment of new crops and animal breeds and is used to understand both animal physiology and crop physiology. It also includes crop modeling, animal modeling, plant nutrition, animal welfare, soil-related science because they have a very important impact on farming.

Aim and Scope:

The aim of the journal is to provide the scientific community with a forum to publish their research findings and also to open up new perspectives for further research. This is the platform for promoting the professional development of their readers, researchers and scientists worldwide.

Article types:

Original Research article, Review article, Clinical image, Case report, Short communication, Editorial, Letters to editors, etc.


  • Ecology
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Biometeorology
  • Agribusiness
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Agricultural Economics and growth
  • Addictive substances
  • Agrichemicals
  • Agricultural and Fisheries science
  • Horticultural Science
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Soil microbiology
  • Agricultural biodiversity
  • Desertification and its control
  • Agricultural technology