Jacobs Journal of Anatomy and Physiology

Acrochordon Arising From Vulvar and Thigh, 15 to 150 mm: Report of 5 Cases

Published on: 2019-03-01


Acrochordons commonly develop from skin on the neck and axillary region, but may be found on any region of body, such as vulvar area or thigh. These lesions are a type of mesenchymal lesion commonly called fibroepithelial polyps, soft fibroids, skin tags or fibroma pendulans. We present here a report of 5 cases of acrochordons in the vulvar region and thigh that reflect the heterogeneity of clinical presentations reported in the literature. Appropriate management of patients who are seen for vulvar acrochordons can significantly improve the quality of life of these women.


Acrochordon, Skin Tag, Vulvar Lesion, Anatomic Aspect