Jacobs Journal of Anatomy and Physiology

Validation of a Non-Transmitting Memory Belt for Measuring Heart Rate Variability

Published on: 2018-07-18


Purpose Validation of a non-transmitting memory belt (NTMB) for recording RR intervals and heart rate variability (HRV) under high exercise conditions. Methods 22 participants were tested on a bicycle ergometer (BE) and 14 on a treadmill ergometer (TE). The participants carried an NTMB (Suunto Memory Belt) as well as a mobile ECG system with wire-lead transmission (Schiller Holter MT-101). The rate of artefacts, the RR intervals and the HRV parameters were analysed. Results The NTMB showed no artefact at all, the Holter ECG had a low artefact rate of only 0.9%-1.6%. The mean difference of the RR intervals was 1.53±25.64 ms (BE) and 3.32±32.71 ms (TE) with a high degree of correlation (r=0.903-0.959) and a limit of agreement of -48.72 to 51.78 ms respective -60.79 to 67.43 ms. Comparison of both systems’ results showed differences in the HRV parameters. Conclusions This study confirms that an NTMB is suitable for recording RR intervals and the heart rate but not for HRV under high exercise conditions. A high degree of conformity with the Holter ECG system was revealed. Therefore, the NTMB is an acceptable alternative for use in scientific field trials if the Holter ECG or other heart rate monitors cannot be used.


Heart rate determination, laboratory study, physical activity, ergometer, RR intervals