Jacobs Journal of Anesthesiology and Research

Preparation Strategies for the American Board of Anesthesiology In-Training Examination and Indicators of Success: A National Survey

Published on: 2015-09-01


Methods: We conducted a nationwide survey of anesthesiology residents to assess the preparation for the Anesthesiology In-Training Examination (ITE) and to evaluate the success rates of various preparation strategies. Specifically, the questions were designed to further investigate residents 1) who’s study techniques performed by those that performed greater than the 75th percentile, 2) that had a large improvement in examination on the ITE or 3) that passed the American Board of Anesthesiology Written Examination (ABAWE) on their first try. Results: Residents that started off performing well during residency tended to continue to perform well. More than 1/3 of respondents reported no routine study time. Cramming was a common preparation strategy, but more time spent studying resulted in better performance. There was not a statistically significant difference in performance based on gender or textbook choice. Conclusions: We conclude that a reading and question based preparation strategy employed throughout residency is the most effective way to ensure passing the ABAWE. More studies are needed to determine the most effective strategies for the resident population at large.


American Board of Anesthesiology; In Training Examination; Anesthesiology Resident Study Strategy; Board Review; Anesthesiology Resident Study Techniques