Jacobs Journal of Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Research

Functional Reconstruction of Turbinates with Growth Factors and Adipose Tissue in the Treatment of Empty Nose Syndrome

Published on: 2017-04-06


Empty nose syndrome (ENS) is a devastating complication of turbinate surgery. The management of ENS is challenging and the evidence base for most treatment modalities remains low. In the present study we propose a safe and effective surgical reconstruction treatment based on the use of Platelet Rich Plasma mixed with Adipose tissue (PRL). The PRL is a preparation rich in stem cells and growth factors, taken from the same patient, that has the potential capability to regenerate the volume of the turbinate and to restore the functionality of the mucosa.
46 patients randomly divided in two groups: one group treated with PRL and the other one with medical treatment alone.The aim of the study was to compare the safety and efficacy of the PRL for the treatment of ENS in comparison with medical treatment alone.
Both procedures had no collateral effects but only patients treated with PRL showed a statistically significant improvement (p<0.05) in the subjective nasal symptoms and the endoscopic nasal objectivity after surgery.
Turbinate reconstruction with PRL is a safe, simple and effective procedure characterized by a very low invasiveness with easy availability to autologous biological tissue and no collateral effects.


Empty Nose Syndrome, Turbinate, Stem cells, Atrophic Rhinitis, PRP