Jacobs Journal of Cancer Science and Research

Editorial Board

Arun Dharmarajan

Curtin University, AUSTRALIA

Department of Health Sciences
Health Sciences, Australia

Bin Xue

Medical School Of Nanjing University, CHINA

Associate Professor
Department of Medicine
Medical school of Nanjing University, China

Chengfeng Yang

Michigan State University, UNITED STATES

Department of Physiology
Michigan State University, USA

Hsueh Wei Chang

Kaohsiung Medical University, TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA

Department of Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology
Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan

Kerryn Butler Henderson

Curtin University Of Technology, AUSTRALIA

Coordinator of the Master of Health Information Management 
Department of Health & Medicine
Curtin University of Technology, Australia

Marzenna Wiranowska

University Of South Florida, UNITED STATES

Associate Professor
Department of Cancer
Research University of South Florida, USA

Michihiro Mutoh

National Cancer Center Research Institute, JAPAN

Principal Investigator
Department of Cancer Research
National Cancer Center Research Institute, Japan

Neeraj Chauhan

University Of Tennessee Health Science Center, UNITED STATES

Research Specialist
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Tennessee Health Science Center, USA

Samar Masoumi Moghaddam

The University Of New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

Department of Surgery
The University of New South Wales, Australia

Yubin Ge

Wayne State University, UNITED STATES

Associate Professor
Department of Oncology
Wayne state university, USA