Jacobs Journal of Cancer Science and Research

Cancer and Lifestyle: Keeping Norms and Letting Go Ramifications

*Akbar Nikkhah
Department Of Animal Science, University Of Zanjan, Iran, Islamic Republic Of

*Corresponding Author:
Akbar Nikkhah
Department Of Animal Science, University Of Zanjan, Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Published on: 2018-07-28


This article innovatively discusses lifestyle related problems in contributing to cancer as a major health problem in modern times. Stressful life affairs, unhealthy food regimens, greatly inadequate physical work, caesarean, family development challenges, and exposure to a variety of environmental pollutants are among key factors causing oncogenesis. New lifestyle related interventions, and not futile nonpragmatic overly complex tools, are required to minimize cancer risk.


Cancer; Lifestyle; Food Regimen; Exercise; Environmental Quality


Cancer and its related morbidities are among current major health problems that significantly lower life quality worldwide. In addition, family health and public life satisfaction are greatly depressed due to such a life threatening issue. Generally, irregularities in cell function and growth are exacerbated by and fuel oncogenesis. A most recent ideology suggested that breast cancer in modern societies is increasingly connected to suboptimal life affairs. For instance, unhealthy eating behaviour and habits, and static life nature do not allow mammary cells to realize their potential milk-producing capacity and instead do induce malfunctioned biology. Science education must be refined for research findings and interventions to work in real world. For instance, adequately intense exercise helps milk-synthesizing mammary cells to optimally grow, differentiate, expand and develop genomic resources that persistently resist against oncogens.