Jacobs Journal of Cancer Science and Research

Cancer Science and Research

Krishna Chaitanya Chimmula
Department Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, JNTUH, Hyderabad, India

Published on: 2019-10-15


Cancer science and research identifies causes and develop strategies for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure. The cancer research ranges from varyingly from epidemiology, molecular bioscience and to the clinical trials, evaluating and comparing the applications of the various cancer treatments.




Awad et al., presented a case report on bulky seminoma in an undescended testis presented as a mass in the right Iliac Fossa. In 49 years, old man a seminoma with ipsilateral undescended testis is presented and its relevant literature reviewed is presented. This man as patient was admitted and his initial diagnostic tests with CT were performed. In CT clearly tumor location was located, for which patient undergone biopsy and further referred to oncology clinic after discharge. Hence, author concludes that tumors of undescended testis can be present as a right iliac fossa mass and demands awareness among clinicians and general populations.

Maite Lopez et al. [3]., described a case report and literature review of atypical axillary mass at follicular dendritic cell sarcoma within castleman’s disease. Follicular dendritic cell sarcoma is known to be rare neoplasm originating from follicular dendritic cells [FDCS] and castleman’s disease [CD] is rare lymphoproliferative disorder characterized by benign, localized enlargement of hyperplastic lymph nodes. Author presented 42-year-old male with a single axillary mass identified as FDCS in CD in axilla. It is concluded that there is no consensus regarding treatment strategy but surgical resection is best option. Further, author suggests to establish the relation between FDCS and CD.

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