Jacobs Journal of Clinical Case Reports

A low Anorectal Malformation Exposing a Complete Colorectal Duplication: A Case Report

Published on: 2016-12-08


The gastrointestinal duplication is a rare congenital malformations and total recto-colonic duplication represents only 12% of them. We describe an association of a total recto-colonic duplication with a low ano-rectal malformation in a one month girl. The duplication suspected during the first surgery for the ano-rectal malformation, and we realized after this surgery a barium enema confirmed the diagnosis of total colonic duplication with vestibular fistula. Barium enema is the best exam to objective a recto-colonic duplication. The fenestration is an interesting alternative treatment allowing to save the colon. However, they involve a long term follow up of this patient. This case proves the importance to take time to realize some radiologic examination when we are in abnormal situation to make the good choice and so the adequate surgery


Colorectal Duplication; Fistulogram; Fenestration