Jacobs Journal of Clinical Case Reports

Autoimmune Hepatitis Secondary to Long term Nitrofurantoin use

Published on: 2015-07-27


A 51-year-old lady with 4 month history of jaundice was transferred to the tertiary liver unit from a local district general hospital for consideration of liver transplantation for worsening sub-acute liver failure. Her past medical history consisted of mitral valve disease, recurrent deep vein thrombosis, recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) and depression. There was no history of pre-existing liver disease, excess alcohol consumption, use of recreational drugs, or recent foreign travel. The patient provided a medication history that comprised bisoprolol, omeprazole, dosulepin, diazepam and enoxaparin. Clinical examination confirmed jaundice and there were no stigmata of chronic liver disease (CLD) or hepatic decompensation.