Jacobs Journal of Clinical Case Reports

Bilateral Superior Altitudinal Hemianopia of Uncommon Origin: A Case Report of a Hemorrhagic Stroke Patient

Published on: 2018-02-19


This paper describes the case of a woman that showed bilateral altitudinal superior hemianopia after having an tetraventricular hemorrhagic stroke. While in the majority of cases the etiology of the “neurological picture” above is cardio-embolic or atherosclerotic, in the case of the woman it could be the damage of the Meyer loop caused by hemosiderin deposits. Data available in the scientific literature on this pathology is very scant and is given mainly by “case reports” of patients with occipital infarctions (PCA region). To the best of our knowledge, it is the first case described in the literature of bilateral altitudinal hemianopia with this type of origin, so this manuscript could improve the knowledge of the origin of this uncommon neurological presentation.


Altitudinal Hemianopia; Stroke; Cerebral Hemorrhage; Meyer Loop