Jacobs Journal of Clinical Case Reports

Multiple Schwannomas Arising from A Single Nerve Root of the Cauda Equina

Published on: 2018-08-28


Schwannomas are the most common intradural extramedullary spinal lesions. Most spinal tumors are solitary and sporadic, with the exception of neurofibromatosis type 1, in which almost all spinal nerve root tumors are schwannomas or mixed tumors. This report describes a case of multiple schwannomas arising from a single nerve root of the cauda equine, along with a review of literature. The present case is unique owing to the presence of multiple schwannomas with a bead-like intradural extramedullary appearance, arising from a single nerve root of the cauda equina.


Multiple Schwannomas; Bead-Like Tumors; Cauda Equina; Single Nerve; Myelography; Enhanced MRI Level