Jacobs Journal of Clinical Case Reports

Pericardial Effusion Resulting from A Left Subphrenic Abscess, In A Paediatric Patient with Peritonitis

Published on: 2018-11-20


Complicated intra-abdominal infection is a major health problem due to its high incidence and mortality. Despite advances in surgical techniques, the provision of support measures and the availability of potent antibiotics. Furthermore, it usually requires considerable diagnostic and therapeutic resources, at great cost to the health system. The appearance of non-infectious pericardial effusion secondary to a Subphrenic abscess, in a patient with peritonitis, is a complication that is rarely reported but very indicative of this pathology. In our case, transudate pericardial effusion associated with clinical-analytical worsening led us to suspect the presence of a left sub-diaphragmatic intra-abdominal accumulation. This was confirmed by CT scans and was completely resolved by drainage of the fluid. It is important to note that the presence of a non-infectious pericardial effusion may be related to a left sub-diaphragmatic infection in patients subjected to surgical intervention for complicated acute appendicitis and whose subsequent recovery is unsatisfactory. This rare complication can provoke high mortality if not correctly diagnosed and treated.


Subphrenic Abscesos; Acute peritonitis; Pericardial Efusión