Jacobs Journal of Clinical Case Reports

A Rare Penetrating Cervical Spine Injury by Scissors: A Case Report and Literature Review

*De-chun Wang
Department Of Spine Surgery, China

*Corresponding Author:
De-chun Wang
Department Of Spine Surgery, China

Published on: 2018-03-26


Penetrating neck injuries are frequent problems in an emergency. It represents approximately 5–10 % of all trauma cases thatpresent to the emergency department [1, 2]. The neck region contains a high density of vital organ structures in a relatively small and unprotected anatomic region, making it one of the most vulnerable areas of the body for all types of injuries [3]. Management requires a logical approach with a swift assessment of the adequacy of airway and circulation and of the possible presence of any skeletal or neurological damage prior to operative intervention. We report a rare case with penetrating cervical spine injury by scissors.


Cervical Spine Injury; Penetrating; Scissors


A 78-year-old female patient was admitted to the emergency and trauma department after falling on scissors 2 hours earlier. Physical examination revealed a 2 cm horizontal sharp wound (Figure 1) getting hit on the right side of the neck on the level of the hyoid bone.The handle of scissors was outside and the tip deeply stabbed in the neck. There was no active bleed at the time of examination. She was conscious, limited neck movement with central pain. Her vitals were stable. Her pulse rate was 80/min, blood pressure 90/60mmHg, regular respiration and she was maintaining oxygen saturation of 100%. Her power in the left upper and lower limbs was grade V, while in the right upper and lower limbs it was grade III. The sensation was present but diminished from C5 on the right side while the left was normal. Computed tomography (CT) of the cervical spine (Figure 2) revealed the tip lodged in the right half of canal at C5 vertebral level.