Jacobs Journal of Dentistry and Research

ISW for the Treatment of Adult Skeletal Class II Protruded Extraction Case: A Case Report

Published on: 2019-02-08


The objective of this case report was to discuss ISW wire (Improved Super-elastic Ti-Ni alloy Wire) for the treatment of adult skeletal class II protruded extraction case. An adult female aged 35 years 9 months who came to our clinic with a chief complaint of protruded teeth and for esthetic consultation. Clinical examination revealed left side Class II molar relationship tendency with Class II canine relationship (right side: molar Class I, canine Class I), and moderate crowding over the anterior region. Active treatment included anterior retraction with gable bend and long hook for space closure after bilateral maxillary and mandibular bicuspids extraction. ISW curve was performed over the upper and lower anterior teeth. Treatment was completed within 28 months and a stable occlusion was achieved after the active treatment.


Adult Skeletal Class, ISW, Extraction Case, Treatment