Jacobs Journal of Emergency Medicine

Comparison of NIHSS Scores Determined by Emergency Physicians and Neurologists using Pre-Hospital Telemedicine Device

Published on: 2014-12-04


Introduction The management of acute stroke requires a rapid but appropriate clinical assessment of the patient’s neurologic deficit. This study investigates the comparative efficiency of emergency physicians and neurologists to determine the National Institute of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) score, the main tool for assessing the severity of a stroke and guiding possible subsequent fibrinolysis. Material and Methods A pre-hospital telemedicine device recently developed in Burgundy was used to compare the NIHSS score determined simultaneously by a neurologist at a remote location and emergency physicians at the patient’s beside. All examiners had been trained to determine this score. A Chi2 test and Spearman’s Rho test for statistical analysis were performed. 


Telemedicine, Acute Stroke, NIHSS, Emergency Physician