Jacobs Journal of Emergency Medicine

EMR Tracking Reduces Pediatric ED Consult Times

Published on: 2018-11-06


Introduction: Prolonged emergency department (ED) consults are associated with delays in patient care and ED throughput. Our goal was to decrease average pediatric ED consult completion times from 160 minutes to 120 minutes in 16 months. Materials and Methods: Two plan-do-study-act (PDSA) cycles were implemented. First, ED providers were educated monthly on electronic medical record (EMR) consult tracking. Second, the EMR process was enhanced so that consult tracking was displayed on the ED providers’ EMR home screen. Results: Average consult completion times decreased from 160 minutes to 135 minutes (p <0.001). Pareto analysis identified four consulting services that accounted for 50% of consults greater than 120 minutes. Discussion: ED provider education and EMR consult tracking significantly decreased average ED consult completion times. Consult tracking also identifies individual services for high-value targeted interventions.


Consults, Electronic Medical Record, Emergency Department, Pediatric