Jacobs Journal of Emergency Medicine

Managing Life-threatening Traumatic Hemorrhage: A New Solution for a Changing World Paradigm

Published on: 2018-11-23


Millions of people die from major trauma annually. 30-40% of these deaths are due to exsanguination, with nearly half dying prior to hospital arrival. When properly managed, these deaths are preventable. This paper summarizes data relating to the extent of hemorrhage as a cause of mortality in the traumatic arena. An overview of the pathophysiological steps occurring during massive bleeding and their clinical implication is presented. A variety of treatment options, both historical and current, is then discussed, including vascular occlusion methods and hemostatic dressings, along with their limitations and complications. Finally, WoundClot, a new hemostatic gauze, is introduced, which not only requires no compression when it is applied, but allows the first responder to rapidly and effectively treat more than one casualty within seconds. Additionally, it is adaptable to a wide array of clinical applications, both traumatic and surgical, including situations where vascular occlusion methods are not practical or are contraindicated.


Exsanguination, Hemostasis, Non-compressional, Multiple casualties, WoundClot