Jacobs Journal of Emergency Medicine

Pediatric Traumatic Spigelian Hernia Treated in a War Setting

Published on: 2015-06-04


Spigelian hernia is a rare clinical entity. It is difficult to diagnose due to its location and no definitive agreement has been reached about the best technique to repair it. Materials and Methods: The article reports about a case of traumatic Spigelian hernia in children after abdominal wall injury occurred during the Afghanistan war. Results: Spigelian hernia has been repaired using an open technique with direct suture with a good long term outcome. Conclusions: In remote rural areas or war fields, the ability to use advanced techniques as laparoscopy remains a distant mirage even considering the impossibility of finding mesh for repair. Despite these difficulties, good long term results can be obtained repairing these kinds of hernia by direct suture.


Spigelian Hernia, Pediatric, Direct suture, Repair