Jacobs Journal of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine

Study of Some Gauges of Epidemiologic in Children with Caustic Ingestions That Admitted in Tehran Children Poison Center for Five Years (2015-2010)

Published on: 2018-04-20


Caustic ingestions including Acids & Alkalians agents are the serious injuries for GI tract. Particularly esophagus and stomach. Those frequently in young children(below five years old).Severe caustic injuries have been reported from developing countries. Those common in males than females and often occurred accidental in children. Method :Our study was descriptive(retrospective)by extraction of some data of our patients(with caustic ingestion)from their files including(age-gender-acid or alkalian-severety of injury-out come). And compared them with other studies.

Results:In this period(Dec 2010 to Dec 2015) we admitted 252 children with intoxication in our ward.16 cases of them were caustic ingestions.(6.34%)(.8 females&8males).Because of incomplete of two files of them, its out of our study. Then we had been 14 files(8females and 6males).The mean age of females was 4.25&males3.75 years. According to the PH of agents separated them to strong or weak acids and strong or weak alkalians. Ingestion of strong acids common than alkalians. According to the endoscopic findings, The 8 cases of them had esophagitis grade 2a,2bor3a. Because of we had not pediatric gastrologist,our patients were referred to another hospital. Then unfortunately we had not any information about there out come. The whole of our patients with oropharyngial. Signs and symptoms(including edema,erytema, droling, respiratory distress, erosion and ulcer)associated with severe findings in GI tract.

Conclusion :Caustic ingestions are the serious injuries in GI tract particularly in children. Those often in young children(below five years old).According to the our study, Our patients unfortunately ingested strong acids, and for treatment and long time following of them must to be a pediatric gastrologist in this wards