Jacobs Journal of Experimental Cardiology and research

Editorial Board

Chan Will Yap Hang

The University Of Hong Kong, HONG KONG

Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine

Donna H Wang

Sun Yan-sen University Of Medical Sciences, UNITED STATES

Department of Physiology

Dr Jose Antonio Franchini Ramires

Federal University Of São Paulo, BRAZIL

Department of Cardiology

Franca Marino

University Of Insubria Via Ottorino Rossi, ITALY

Faculty of Medicine
Center for Research in Medical Pharmacology

Franziska Elisabeth Blum

Blum University Of Illinois, UNITED STATES

Department of Internal Medicine

Gaetano Santulli

Columbia University Medical Center, UNITED STATES

Department of Cardiology
Physician and Surgeon

Hongfang Jin

Peking University, CHINA

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Kunhua Song

University Of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, UNITED STATES

Assistant Professor
Department of Cardiology

Roberto Cemin

University Of Verona, ITALY

Department of Cardiology

Simon W Rabkin

Medicine University Of British Columbia, CANADA

Department of Cardiology

Xuwei Hou

Nanjing Medical University, CHINA

Associate Professor
Department of Medical Sciences